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【CAS No.】:515-69-5


【Molecular Weight】:222.37

【Appearance】:Colorless or straw-yellow mucous liquid


Colorless or straw-yellow bisabolol mucous liquid for sale

Properties: Transparent colorless liquid; solubility: Soluble in chloroform (a little), DMSO (a little), ethyl acetate (a little).

Stable. Flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


Basic information:

Natural bisabolol compounds, the full name as (-)-α-bisabolol, also known as L-bisabolol, is a sesquiterpene compound that exists in the essential oils of Asteraceae plants, like from the whole plant and flowers of Matricaria chamomilla, Brazilian chrysanthemum, vanilla chrysanthemum, etc. Chamomile essential oil contains about 0.5% bisabolol. The naturally extracted bisabolol is in the alpha configuration, while the synthetic product is in the racemic form. Bisabolol is the main active ingredient extracted from chamomile. Bisabolol has excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, as well as excellent stability and skin compatibility. It promotes healing and metabolism while reducing skin inflammation, improving the skin's ability to resist irritation and repairing damaged skin.


Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects

Natural bisabolol is twice as effective at this function as the synthetic version. Bisabolol can reduce the release of leukotrienes LTB4 and interleukin IL-1α, reduce the irritation of human skin caused by sodium hydroxide and SDS, thereby preventing and inhibiting inflammation. Bisabolol has good stability and good compatibility with the skin. It can reduce skin inflammation, relieve skin acne, prevent acne, improve the skin's anti-irritation ability, and repair skin damaged by inflammation.

Soothes irritation and relieves pain and repairs

Bisabolol has skin care benefits for allergic skin or children's skin care. It also protects the skin from daily stress and accelerates the skin's healing process.

Calming and anti-sweating effects

Bisabolol is commonly used in sunscreen products and ointments to treat sunburn and burns.

Broad spectrum antibacterial effect

Adding bisabolol to toothpaste and mouthwash can reduce plaque and gum allergies, prevent bad breath and freshen breath, and add hair care products to relieve scalp itching.

Whitening effect

Bisabolol reduces melanin production by inhibiting α-MSH activity.


Functional raw materials in the field of daily chemicals: Bisabolol can be used in skin care products and cosmetics. It has whitening, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and other effects. It can also increase the permeability of skin care products.


Bisabolol can be prepared by two methods: plant extraction and chemical synthesis. The raw material farnesol will remain in the chemically synthesized bisabolol, and the industry requires that the farnesol residue should not exceed 0.01%. The quality level of plant extraction is unstable due to seasonal changes, and the extraction and purification process has a high conversion rate and high cost, which is not conducive to industrial mass production and does not comply with policy advocacy from an environmental protection perspective. Viablife Biotech selects self-developed biosynthetic technology, through strict strain screening and advanced automated processing technology, uses renewable carbon sources to synthesize bisabolol through biological fermentation, and provides customers with high-quality and stable product.

Advantages of Viablife' s Bisabolol:

Higher purity: The synthesis process of Viablife' s bisabolol is a biosynthetic process, with higher purity and fewer impurities.

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    Soothes and calms the skin
Specifications Sheet
Product nameSynonymsCAS No.FormulaMolecular WeightAppearance
 BisabololBisabolol515-69-5C15H26O222.37Colorless or straw-yellow mucous liquid

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Quality & Certifications

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